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A simple step for weight loss success!

You may have thought that this was going to be an article giving you a workout or nutrition tool. There are a million tools already out there. The challenge is that people try them but don't use them consistently or they move on to the next fad before the first one had a change to create results. Why does this happen? Because your unconscious mind gave you the thought that made you change your actions.

It wasn’t until I learned that we all have unconscious drivers that are dictating our thoughts & feelings and this in turn directs our actions and behaviors. If you are struggling to make change and find yourself giving in to your old habits, it’s because of your unconscious programming.

Your unconscious mind is "running the show” around 95% of the time. And, you are thinking 60-65,000 thoughts each day with 90% of them being the same as the day before!!!! If you have negative unconscious programming (which most of us do if we are not where we want to be in any area of our life be that health, wealth, relationship, career, etc.) then that means you are thinking the same thoughts over and over and over again. You probably aren’t even realizing it!

With those negative thoughts comes a lot of self criticism. We are so mean to ourselves!!! We would probably NEVER talk to other people the way we talk to ourselves. It’s a damn shame. We should be absolutely caring and loving to ourselves everyday.

If you are reading this then I know you want better health, a body you feel comfortable in, confidence to go to the gym! Until you re-program your unconscious mind, you will remain on the hamster wheel of 1 step forward, 2 steps back!

So what is the first step in changing the unconscious programming? It’s actually rather simple.


I’ve been doing this for months now and it will reprogram your mind while you are sleeping! Your brain is always dwelling on something, even while you sleep. Instead of looking back on your day and all the things you should have done or said differently, start acknowledging yourself for all the small amazing steps you took to move you in the direction you want to go.

Every time you park a little further away to get more movement or take the stairs, WIN!

When you wake up and have a large glass of water, WIN!

You had 2 fist full servings of vegetables at lunch, WIN!

You showed up to train with Michelle, WIN!

You prepped your food for the next day, WIN!

All you do is WIN, WIN, WIN!!!!!

Get a journal. Sit down at night without any distractions, close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breathes. Think about your day and all of the things that you did for yourself and others that were good. Maybe you smiled and said hello to a stranger. Yes, that’s a WIN. Imagine you are talking to your child and asking them all the good things that happened that day. Which by the way…I highly recommend you try this with your kids at dinner or some time (my client/friend Jen :) likes to do this in the car when she has picked her kids up from school).

You are amazing! You are awesome! It’s about releasing from the reasons that you think you are not!!!!

Are you IN? Will you do this with me and start re-programming your unconscious mind so that you can be the BEST VERSION OF YOU?

Start doing this and watch the magic happen :)



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