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Increase protein for fat loss

I am thrilled to be sharing some AWESOME resources with you this week. You need to share this with your family, friends, and everyone you care about. I talk to women time and time again and hear the same story. You are working out and NOT seeing the results. You are tired of carrying extra body fat that shows up around your middle. You are eating "healthy" but struggle to lose the extra weight. I get it. It's frustrating!! This is where we need to stop following the noise. It's time to learn how to push ourselves in the gym, make time for YOU, and shift the contents of your meals.

First, watch this!!! Then, watch it again! I have been following Dr. Gabrielle Lyon for so many years now that the things she has been preaching are automatic in my brain. Get ready to have a mindset shift in how you approach your physique & health!

You aren't over body-fat, you are under muscled! 💪💪


Take a moment to take that in.

My guess is that you are like I was for many years. You weigh yourself and think, UGH I'm fat!!! I need to lose weight.

And where has that gotten you?

Probably starving yourself, losing weight, and then gaining even MORE fat.

That's because you probably slashed your calories, weren't eating enough protein, LOST YOUR METABOLIC CURRENCY, then stopped dieting when you gave in to hunger hormones or thought the diet isn't working.

But check this out!!!!

I FREAKING LOVE hearing the science to be armed with tools and tactics that let me EAT MORE, look better, and feel better. WIN!! 🥳

The answer: D Evidence for this statement comes from PMID = 29405780 This study was done in Bill Campbell's Physique Lab. YEEEES...EAT MORE, lose body-fat! And of course we are resistance training 3x/week! Right?! You can follow Bill Campbell here. His posts are GREAT!

Are you excited and inspired by what you learned in the Ted Talk and Bill Campbell's research? Oh, and if you want to pre-order Dr. Gabrielle Lyon's book on Amazon called Forever Strong, you can get it here! It releases in October and I can't wait! This is the long awaited nutrition resource that EVERYONE needs! Next week I'll share more about the meals I've been eating to meet these protein requirements. My mom even told me today that I'm looking leaner and more 'toned'. WIN! :))))) Feel free to reach out to me any time! I love hearing from you! XO! ❤️ Michelle


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