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The following programs and services are intended for generally healthy individuals.


My Mission

is to help people become their best self with movement, mindset, and quality food. Unless you are an athlete, focusing on working out and counting calories or macros is no way to live. I believe in moving every day in a way that feels good, setting your day up for success with proper mindset, and nourishing your body without it being a full time job. My job is to teach you. If you’ve struggled to reach your goals in the past, you didn’t have the right strategy.


My Philosophy

Strength training is essential to health and longevity. If you are getting stronger from week to week and eating quality food, your body will get leaner and healthier.

I believe training is a vehicle to unleash your greatest you. As you change your body, getting stronger, healthier and leaner, other areas of your life will start to improve. A strong body = a strong mind.


Clients should be up to date with their annual physical and be able to provide a medical release to participate in a personalized training program if needed.


All sessions are conducted at my home in Henderson, NV (off Horseweed Circle) in our fully equipped, air conditioned, 3 car garage gym. Zoom sessions are incorporated for those doing distance training through my app.

One on One Personal Training

One on One
Personal Training

$85 Per Session

Customized program design based on your goals and fitness level.


Good form is essential to staying injury free and getting stronger & leaner. You will learn how to move better to feel better!


Your program will include strength training, mobility, and cardio to get you results based on how much time you can dedicate to training each week.


Lifestyle and nutrition education is a part of this program and on-going. Unlimited call and text to me is included as well. This is personal!

Tandem Training

TANDEM Training
$65 Per PERSON PER Session

One way to make your workout more fun is to workout with a friend.


Get all of the benefits included in Personal Training. 


Exercises can be customized to make sure you are getting the most out of your workout.

Small Group Training

(3-4 People)

$45 Per Person Per Session

Enjoy learning to lift, getting stronger, and still getting attention to your form to lift safely. I have lots of experience with groups and being able to quickly customize an exercise that is appropriate for YOU. You won’t have to do exercises that you aren’t ready for or that are too easy. Get personal training attention AND the fun energy that comes from being in a group.

Distance Training


$250 per month

Stop wandering around the gym or not doing anything at all because you don’t have a plan! I can give you a customized program design based on your goals, fitness level, and equipment available. The minimum equipment needed is a few dumbbells, a Swiss Ball, and exercise bands! 


You will get a complete program based on how much time you can dedicate to training each week.

We set weekly habits to keep you focused and accountable. 


The most powerful part of this program is a weekly women's group Zoom call where I give you mindset tools, nutrition education, and connection!


Unlimited call and text to me is included as well. This is personal!

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If you are ready to take action, have an open mind and love to laugh, let’s get started!

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