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Super simple dinner's!

Hi there!

I've been keeping you in mind all week as I was recording my meals with the idea of sharing them with you here! I personally have a solid appetite and love to eat. I don't quite get those people that "forget to eat". Huh?? lolololol

The meal above is my 'typical meal'. I've got some videos below but the above is one of my super simple dinner's of turkey burger, roasted brussel sprouts, and japanese sweet potato. If you haven't tried the JSP, you are in for a treat!!! I get mine at Whole Foods. They have them at Trader Joes sometimes but the quality is not as good, at least from what I've had.

Note that I have hypothyroid so I am strictly gluten free and dairy free as well. If I had to label my diet, I'd call it 'paleo'. I do incorporate protein powder everyday though because a smoothie is a fantastic way to get a yummy, FAST meal in with tons of nutrition. See my blog for the recipe!

Oh, and also note that every meal I put together has the same components:

1) Protein

2) Vegetables

3) Minimally processed starch (potatoes are clearly not processed but I don't know how that quinoa went from where it grows in to that bag. Everything is processed to some extent but I rarely (not never) eat things from a box.

4) Healthy fat

Alright, enough chatter, click on the links to my YouTube to see the short vids of some meals. So many more to share. I hope I inspire you if you are needing some help here! :)

Super simple dinner #1

Super simple dinner #2

Super simple dinner #3

Did you find these helpful? Let me know what else you'd like to see!



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