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This tool will change your life!

This week I'm sharing a tool that dramatically changed my world. BREATHING! I think we all know the importance of breathing. However, most people don't breathe properly. Our stressful lives (and for some, childhood on...that would be ME) have created a state of fight or flight. This stress response is associated with the sympathetic system which is part of our autonomic nervous system. It's automatic!

We should be taking about 6 breaths per minutes but most breathe about 12 per minute. This type of breathing is associated with feelings of anxiousness, digestive issues, chronic sleep issues, aches and pains in the neck, shoulders, & back. It's serious!!

This is where breathing tools like the app I'm going to share, help improve something called your heart rate variability. I wear the Oura ring (another favorite thing!! Hello Christmas gift ;-) and I get a score every morning with my average and high HRV through the night.

Learn more about HRV by watching this TEDx Talk:

There are LOTS of apps. Heck, my ring even has awesome meditations to use but I always find myself using an app. I'm picky! lol I like the sound and usefulness of the app to feel a certain way. You get me, right? :) Anyhow, the app I'm enjoying right now is called Resonant Breathing. See the pic above and find it in the app store. And, it's FREE! Woohoo! Get it here!

Like the Tedx Talk speaker mentions, start with 5 minutes in week 1, 10 minutes in week 2, and work your way up to 20 minutes/day. My thoughts...some is ALWAYS better than none so don't try to be a perfectionist. The great part, you will feel the benefits immediately. You should feel more calm, patient, relaxed. Who wants that?!! lol That's it for this week. Reply back and let me know if you have a favorite tool you like. I'd love to know! Until then, keep getting those strength workouts in (3x/week), fueling your body with nutrient dense, real food, and journaling everyday to cultivate awareness, appreciation, & eagerness for where you are going. Hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you!



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