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Priority Take Care of YOU!

If you are reading this close to the publish date then you are 'in shelter' as well. Stress is very high for a lot of people and worry has taken over.

It's in times like these that continuing to take care of you must be priority #1.

The mind is constantly receiving messages to environment that you put it in. Exercising and eating real, whole, nutrient dense food changes your physiology. So here are some tips to help you stay calm when the world around us creating panic.

1. Journal your goals & WINS

Having a clear direction that is specific to what you need to do RIGHT NOW to get through this time is critical. The faster you adapt to the changing environment, the faster you feel a purpose to your day.

If you have a job that has been impacted but the current situation, a shift is obviously necessary. Panic will want to take over so we must put our mind at ease with constant re-direction towards how we can serve and add value to help others.

WINS is our way of counting our blessings. Normally I count WINS in my head during the day as they come up but write them down at night. However, right now, I need to remind myself of all of the good that is in my world, more often. Doing WINS at least a couple of times per day is helping to calm my nerves and shifts my energy from fear to appreciation.

2. Move...release those endorphins!

Walking daily outside is absolutely essential..assuming the weather permits it where you live. Public gyms are out right now but there is so much we can do at home with our bodyweight and resistance bands.

Exercise will instantly change your mood and lift your spirits...even if it's just for a little while (return to #1 when this happens!!). When our energy is up, our mood is up. Your creativity will amp up and solutions to problems that you couldn't think of before, may come to the surface.

When you treat your body well, it creates momentum for you to want to feed it well. Which brings me to #3.

3. Feed your body real food

I don't feel like 'myself' when I don't eat the foods that I know agree with my body. Processed foods that don't have nutrients just feed the bad bacteria in our gut, cause fatigue, brain fog, and inflammation. Of course we won't feel well and have a good attitude when our digestive system is under this kind of stress.

You may be turning to food for comfort. If you have, don't beat yourself up!! Even the best of us give in to over-eating or treats. It's about how quickly you can return to treating yourself well without judgement. Once you start doing #1 & 2, this will happen less often.

4. Nurture your relationships

Soooo I get that you may have a house full of family that are making you CRAZY right now. People are on edge, scared, and cabin fever may be setting in. However, if we center ourselves for a few moments, connect to the core of who we are and remind ourselves that this is a time to cherish our loved ones that are healthy and safe, we will get through this.

5. Take a moment to get silent

Meditation can look like a lot of different things. It's not necessarily sitting down with eyes closed but that is my preference. As someone with an over-active mind, cutting off from the stimulation of the world helps tremendously to calm my nervous system, deepen my breathing and feel present. In the present moment I am safe. I can let that be enough.

Acceptance of the situation and surrender to a higher power can allow us to take our 'hands off the steering wheel' that we never controlled anyway! The world will still go round'. The sun will still rise and fall.

Please feel free to join my free private women's group on Facebook, Empowered Women with Michelle. I'd love to connect over there and support you with more mindset tools. At the end of the day, all we have is our ability to change the way we look at things and know that somehow, everything will all work out.


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