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Strength training, what is it good for?

I love to know the "why" behind something. makes me want to do it more! If people really understood how flipping amazing weight training is for you, I think more people would be stepping off the elliptical and picking up the weights.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

- Increases insulin sensitivity. In other words, you can eat more carbs because the carbs will go to refuel your glycogen stores in your muscles rather than turn to fat! Hello carbs!

- Breaks down bones and gives your body a reason to rebuild them. Use it or lose it!

- Increases growth hormone which is our fountain of youth hormone. It is essential for the growth & repair of our muscles, improves sleep, enhances sexual performance...enough said.

- Makes you look freaking awesome with sculpted arms, shoulders, butt and legs!

- Gives you a feeling of empowerment and confidence. This translates in to other areas of your life!

- Mood lifting helping to fight anxiety and depression. Bring on the endorphins!

- Improves flexibility and overall body mechanics. In turn this helps prevent injury and pain in the body. Got back pain? It's likely due to a weak core and tight hip flexors and hamstrings!

Short on time? A full body workout of at least 2 times per week of a quality workout will be enough to start getting these benefits.

If you are already doing this, pat yourself on the back. Otherwise, let's chat and see how we can get you on a program to start turning back the clock, feeling great and loving your body!

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