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Offering on-line Zoom and distance Training, as well as limited in person training.

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Thank you for dropping by! I'm a certified personal trainer, health coach, and mindset coach with over 15 years in the industry. Whether you have years of experience in the gym or are new to working out, I will take you to your next level! 

I'm always staying on top of the latest in nutrition and exercise so that I can give my clients the best service possible. I practice everything I teach so I know what works. 

I hope to inspire, motivate, and teach you everything you need to know to live your best life, in the best shape! 



Workout programs that meet you where you are!

I'll help you get stronger, improve mobility, safely.

Whether you are beginner or advanced, I got you covered!


Learn how your thoughts control your behaviors and how to change them to create a desired result. This is a system you can use in every area of your life.


No crazy diet of all shakes that aren't sustainable. Eat real food and enjoy the food you love. I'll show you how to LIVE and LOVE your diet!

Amazing Client Results!


Wow! Michelle Adams Personal training really is the real deal! She never missed a beat even during the covid shutdowns, she adapted her business to video chat workouts, which for me works great, having a home gym helps, but we also do a lot of body weight work, band work & she can really make a workout with whatever you have in your house. I have been training 3x/week with Michelle for more than 10 years now! Definitely time to update the review! Still loving my workouts every time! I love that she never stops learning, never stops improving herself so she can help others to improve themselves too! She is real, honest and loyal & no BS... She creates customized workouts, pushes you when you need it or want it, and works around injuries to help with healing.

I have been training with Michelle for a little over 6 months now. It's something that I look forward to every week not only because Michelle gets my booty in shape but she is totally fun to be around. Prior to hiring Michelle I had never worked out consistently in my life and I had NEVER lifted weights. I was worried that I would feel weak and out of shape but Michelle is so encouraging that I never once felt that way. She trains in a way where you never feel like you're going to die, but certainly pooped in a good way by the time you walk out :) Since I only see her once a week she programs my other workouts into a personalized app which is totally invaluable for when I go to the gym on my own. In fact, Michelle even came with me to my big gym because I told her I was intimidated to be in the weight room. She showed me around and gave me the confidence I needed to feel comfortable. Another thing I love is that she's a stickler for form, ensuring that you are working your muscles in the most efficient way and also preventing injury. I am THRILLED with the changes I've seen in such a short time and for the first time ever I feel fit and strong. Hiring Michelle is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.


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