I teach my clients how to move better and get stronger. The bonus is fat loss and a body you can be proud of! When you are focused on improving your strength, your aesthetics improve as well! If you want to look fit and feel amazing, you don't have to spend everyday in the gym. My job is to get you there the safest and most efficient way.

It's time to stop working out and start training

  • Not consistent with getting to the gym and find it easy to blow it off?
  • Hate crowded gyms, dirty equipment and people socializing instead of working out?
  • Want to have someone just tell you what to do and not have to think?
If you answered YES!, let's get started

How it works:

1. Contact me for a phone or in-person consultation. Discuss goals, any previous injuries, pricing and when you are available to train. 

2. Fill out a questionnaire via e-mail. 

3. Schedule your first training session.

  • Attention to your form to 
reduce injury and keep you feeling good! 
  • Science backed nutritional guidance so you can ditch the fad diets and enjoy your food
  • An awesome strength training workout designed for you with your goals in mind.
  • Guidance on what to do outside of our sessions whether it's cardio or recovery based.  
I look forward to hearing from you!

Shawn & Shelly

Alamo, CA

There is a reason that my husband & I have been coming to Michelle for 7 years. She really cares ab out our health and fitness. She is dedicated to her career and has never cancelled a session. She is very friendly and likeable. 


Pleasanton, CA

Michelle is always teaching me about the latest health & wellness discoveries, strategies for everything from positive thinking, goal setting, diet goals & stress management. She leads by example and always has the highest standards. She is also consistently strict with weight lifting form to make sure that I don’t get injured. I know I can always count on her!


Alamo, CA

Michelle is always on top of the nutrition research and fitness science. I always feel better after working out with her. 

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Danville, CA

Michelle is the type of trainer that I have been searching for, and when I say "searching" I really mean that. In the past I've experienced a long fitness journey (over 8 years) of trying out so many different programs, diets (both medical and fad), and workouts. Michelle really is a one-stop-shop for me because she has combined the physical, nutritional, and mental aspects to living a healthy life and has tailored them to suit my goals. It is so comforting to finally have my mind, body, and spirit on a good track for once. 

Covid 19 UPDATE

Now offering training via Zoom. 

Ask about

tandem options!


Train from the comfort of your own home and save time!


You can get a great workout using bands and bodyweight.


Or, build your gym with the essentials.


Either way, I will make sure you are lifting correctly and getting a great workout that helps you move better and feel great!  

  • Are you bored doing the same workout as you did last year?
  • Not getting results and feel like you are doing everything right?