Does this describe you in one or more ways?

  • Feel overwhelmed and/or anxious

  • Struggle to reach goals and self sabotage 

  • Emotionally struggle and feel frustrated

  • Have digestive issues 

  • Trying to do everything right but still not losing weight

  • Want a healthy, happy relationship but either can't find one or aren't happy with the one your are in

  • Want more out of life and just want to feel happy 

I've gone down every road and experienced the frustration.


For YEARS I struggled with anxiety. 

I would spin myself into depression. 

I even had a life coach suggest I should go on anti-depressants. 

I struggled with relationships and found myself being reactive, frustrated, and unable to just be happy.

I was always looking for something outside myself to make me happy. 

For years I didn't even want to be social. I entertained myself with food and would binge eat on the weekend. 

I developed major digestive disorders, became exhausted and was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue among other things. 

But I had hope and I kept searching. 

I was looking for that once piece of information that would allow me to finally...

...not feel broken!  


You aren't alone. You aren't broken!


I am a certified mindset coach, holistic health coach, as well as a personal trainer. 


The life you dream of CAN be a reality. 


The happiness you want IS POSSIBLE

My journey towards mindset freedom began when I went to a personal training seminar and a guest speaker was talking about mindset. 

I had gone to the Tony Robbins seminars, read the Deepak Chopra books (among many, many others), podcasts, & audio books, you name it!

But when I heard my mentor talking about the neuroscience, psychology, and spirituality component, I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard this piece before. 

Little did I know that mindset and motivation are 2 very different things.

Mindset is a practice and it starts by "going within".

I had heard that before but I would get SO frustrated because they weren't explaining the "HOW".

I got that "all the answers are inside".


The system I learned, studied for years, and have now been teaching & coaching to people all over the world, explains the "how".

I want to help you break free from the negative feelings that control you like guilt, anxiety, worry, frustration, and sadness. 














But, more importantly, I will teach you how you can train yourself to effortlessly take steps towards...



...DISCOVERING YOUR PASSION for your life and career

...CREATING rewarding & loving relationships 


I will show you a simple system that thousands of people around the world have used to reach their goals in health, wealth, career, and relationships!


The program is called Unbreakable Mind!

It's about becoming mentally FIT & STRONG

It's about building RESILIENCY! 

This program will teach you how to understand what's holding you back from having what you want!


Maybe you feel lost and don't really know what you want. That's ok!!

I want to give you the tools to empower you to take charge of your health & life. 

This is a course that will teach you how to shift your mindset with a simple, daily practice.

What is it:

An 10 week, on-line, group program for women.

(note: one on one coaching is also available for men & women)

What is included:

  • Weekly mindset presentations on Zoom video conference (recorded for those that can not attend)

  • Access to a private Facebook group where I will be prompting you to complete a simple mindset journaling task Monday-Friday

  • Goal setting tools 

  • Accountability to learn mindset tools that will last a lifetime

  • Support with like-minded women in a private group

  • Weekly live Q&A via Zoom video conference

  • The BEST system ever created that will allow you to feel confident and happy with YOU 

 The entire program is on-line from wherever you are!

Who is this program for: 

  • The woman who is tired of not making progress and is ready to change...permanently!

  • You want to wake up everyday with passion & purpose

  • You want to feel love & connection in your relationships

What is required:

  • An openness to change

What you can expect:

  • Less anxiousness

  • Improved feeling of well being

  • Tools to help you feel more peace and calm

  • Improved relationships with family, co-workers and friends

  • More energy and better sleep

  • A system that will become a habit to help you in any area of your life 


Ready to learn more about how I can help you feel your best? 

The next program starts in September 2019!

Contact me now and let's chat! 

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